Bought one month after launch, our PS3 died suddenly today of massive internal failure, during an episode of Pokemon XY. Because it has survived so so long, we don’t feel empty. We were so fortunate it lasted so long. It’s statistically ridiculous. But I personally came to terms with the moment long ago, and was ready for it.

Despite appearances, our PS2 still functions. No parent should have to bury their child.

the fucking candlelight vigil tho

*Walking, suddenly trips and loses glasses somewhere on the ground. Begins searching*

Me: Geez, where did they go? I don’t have that bad of eyesight.

*Continues searching. Suddenly hears remark from inner-self*

Inner-self: Oh my goodness Emilee! Quit making such a spectacle of yourself! 


"He’s always off with his friends, never has time for his mom. Next time you see him you need to lecture him on keeping up with his parents."

…His friends…. :/

*Does perfect hair flip and struts* Yeah, no my OTHER FRIENDS are way better, THEY PLAY D&D, THEY’RE SWEET AS CAN BE AND ARE JUST PLAIN AWESOME. EMI DOESN’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.